Our Pastor

Pastor Chris Smith and Cynthia

At 33 my life took an unexpected turn. I was exceedingly blessed with my wife and two children. Blessed with a job I enjoyed. Good pay, great benefits and guaranteed security with 15 years of Federal pension already earned. Three years earlier we purchased our first home on an acre of Maine hardwoods and evergreens.

Because of my experience growing up, I wanted nothing to do with organized religion. I still believed in God as the creator, preserver and governor of all earth, but wasn’t worshipping Him.

I was convicted of my selfish behavior in the basement of our home. Receiving great blessing from God and not giving Him the time of day. In my repentance I asked for forgiveness and inquired of the Lord, “What will You have me do?” Not in an audible voice but in my spirit (conscience), I heard, “I will have you.”

That was in 1988 and our lives (mine and my wife’s) have been His ever since. Jesus is our Lord and we are His by grace.

-Pastor Chris Smith

You can contact Pastor Chris via his office phone at 717-933-4926.

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